Zach, Ed and Bradley - The Hangover 3

You may recognise this sequence from the trailer, but arguably the funniest scene in the third and finalĀ instalmentĀ of The Hangover franchise, is when Alan (Zach Galifianakis) starts crying. So, naturally, we did all we could to recreate that fine moment, when we sat down to interview the Wolfpack themselves, Bradley Cooper, Galifianakis and Ed Helms.

Evidently sharing a similar camaraderie in real life as their on-screen personas do, the trio were in good spirits when in London to promote The Hangover Part III, which sees the hapless group of friends return to Las Vegas to finally put an end to this ordeal once and for all. They talk about their feelings at the franchise coming to its finale (hence the tears…), Cooper talks about his return to comedy following roles in Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond the Pines, while we get Galifianakis talking about Alan.

The Hangover 3 is in UK cineams now. You can see all our interviews and review by clicking this handy link!