When Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was tapped to recreate the dark comic-book adaptation of The Crow, fans were a little skeptical of remaking what was already a well-received film.

Now, according to Reuters, Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to star as Eric Draven, a role previously played by the late Brandon Lee, who died in a freak accident during production of the film. With this news comes even MORE skepticism as we ask ourselves, can someone who has only played light roles as the leader-of-the-pack in comedies, or the heartthrob in romatic films, truly embody the dark and brooding character set on a revenge warpath that is Eric Draven? Spanish director Fresnadillo seems to think so, after a meeting in Spain with Cooper to discuss the film’s vision appeared to have gone very well for Cooper.

The film will stick with the same premise of a brutally murdered rock musician who is revived from the dead to avenge his own, and his fiancee’s death. Fresnadillo’s 28 Weeks Later, although a bit weaker than 28 Days Later, still triumphed as a solid film with a decent reception. On board to write the script is Stephen Norrington who only appears to have written 2 seemingly B-Movies in his career, along with original writer of The Crow comic-book series, James O’Barr.

I’d say the frame is there, now lets see if Bradley Cooper can pull through in a role that will either solidify his acting career, or doom him to a short career of type-casting and punch-lines best used at booze-filled frat parties.