Let me start by saying that I don’t really want to make light of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I think it’s appalling that it’s happened and I, like everyone else hope that they can fix it as fast as possible. I start by saying that so that this post doesn’t look like I’m making light of the situation but these posters are so good that they needed to go up.

Spanish website, The Blog of Chibiboto made these new posters to try to inspire Pixar to make a sequel the the highly successful movie, Finding Nemo saying (using a translator!):

“While we see the world our planet is dying, thanks to one of the largest ecological disasters in the world, because most terrible oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. And now comes the new movie Toy Story 3, I decided to propose some ideas to make the second part of Finding Nemo. I hope these ideas inspire the writers of Pixar.”

In other news, The Guardian has an excellent article about how Kevin Costner is using his own cash to help resolve this awful mess in the Gulf of Mexico. The Prince of Thieves has been investing money ($20m (£13.5m) in a group of scientists,for the past 15 years who have been developing a device that will help to separate the oil from water and according to The Guardian, two of these devices have been contracted by BP to help with the cleanup.

Apparently, the leak is now gushing out at around 40 000 barrels per day and Costner’s devices (manufactured by Ocean Therapy Solutions) can separate around 200 gallons per minute. I’m not clever enough to work out how many barrels that is but every little helps! Good on you Kevin!

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