Here’s a brand new and exclusive clip from Jesse Eisenberg’s new movie Louder than Bombs. The movie comes from Norwegian Writer / Director Joachim Trier and also stars Isabelle Huppert, Gabriel Byrne and Devin Druid.

The movie looks beautifully shot from what we can see in the clip below and sees a side to Eisenberg that is a stark contrast to that in recent comic book movie Batman vs. Superman taking him back to high school and the tribulations that brings.

Louder than Bombs is released this Friday April 22nd.

An upcoming exhibition celebrating photographer Isabelle Reed  (Isabelle Huppert) three years after her untimely death, brings her eldest son Jonah (Jesse Eisenberg) back to the family house  forcing him to spend more time with his father Gene (Gabriel Byrne) and withdrawn younger brother Conrad (Devin Druid) than he has in years. With the three of them under the same roof, Gene tries desperately to connect with his two sons, but they struggle to reconcile their feelings about the woman they remember so differently. David Strathairn also stars.