Quite a few new trailers and news coming from the turmeric scented Tinseltown, so I thought it would be a great time for a catch up!

Here are some of the recent trailers and posters comin’ at ya!

Joker Trailer and Poster:

First thing first, I have already gotten a ton of shit on the internet for calling the release of director Shirish Kunder’s previous movie Jaan-E-Mann one of the biggest tragedies in Bollywood but I stand by my word. The completely senseless decision to release it on the same day as Shahrukh Khan still haunts this gem of a movie and put Shirish in a collisions course with SRK fans, a rollercoaster ride that still has no end (not helped by the so called Slapgate of earlier this year)

But the most vocal director and snarky director on twitter is back with his second release Joker, which seems to be a con movie set in a small village with some sort of social message about water shortage in India.

So it does look like the director has decide to pack in tons into his movie again which is great for film nerds like us but goes straight against the reach a 100 cr. box office by making a no brainer of a movie.

Akshay Kumar (playing a scientist named Agasthya again) and Sonakshi Sinha are riding high after their success with Rowdy Rathore so the timing is great but Shirish might end up being the biggest problem with the movie if he can just keep a low profile and not end up offending people or going out to prove the detractors of Jaan-E-Mann of which there are tons, and that logo at the start of Joker with the Tees Maar Khan theme tune is probably not the smartest of ideas either!


Ek Tha Tiger New Song Promo: Banjaara

As I mentioned on twitter: “Can we just go ahead and give a nobel prize to who ever thought of putting Katrina Kaif in a kilt?” and a long slit black skirt…and a yellow and black hockey outfit (I know it’s not hockey but seriously what are you guys paying attention to??) In all seriousness, the promos are getting better and better and I can’t wait for Ek Tha Tiger!

Son Of Sardaar Trailer and Poster:

Not too hot about this one although I do like all the stars involved. I don’t know what it is. Maybe the boring voice over or just having seen Ajay Devgn fight bad guys hanging on a wire for what feels like decades. Also not too hot on the Sonakshi- Ajay pairing, maybe we need to see more to get me excited.

The thing I am super psyched about is seeing Juhi Chawla back on screen! Hai Allah, JUHI CHAWLA!

Image Source: BollySpice

Heroine Posters:

Trying her hardest to not make this movie still feel like the “one Aishwarya walked out” of Kareena Kapoor ,who we all have to admit is the bigger draw for audiences, looks absolutely ravishing on these first few posters. The trailer should be releasing any time now. Looks pretty, pretty, pretty good!


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