It’s always a pleasure to do what we can to shine a light on the myriad fine films that don’t have the luxury of a multi-million pound marketing budget. Though we don’t always make the time we should for these new cinematic voices it’s always worth it, and today is no exception.

We’re proud to feature the new trailer, poster and a gallery for Mark Lobatto’s intriguing forthcoming short film, Blue borsalino. The film stars David Warner and Margot Leicester and was executive-produced by HeyUGuys favourite Christopher Smith. Centering its tale on a retired private investigator whose first and only client wakes up after decades in a coma, forcing him to face a secret that has cast a shadow over his life for almost half a century.

This is the second time we’ve featured Lobatto’s work on HeyUGuys. A little over two years ago we shared the trailer for his first short, Silent Treatment, and it’s good to see he’s going from strength to strength.

Here are a few words about the film, to set the scene.

Blue borsalino is a neo-noir drama which follows a man who’s existence has for decades been overshadowed by the events of a single day, now forced to face the past when someone of great significance suddenly re-enters his life. It’s a story of regret and redemption.

The film stars Emmy winning David Warner (Titanic, The Omen), Olivier nominee Margot Leicester as well as Bart Edwards, Laura Dale & Amanda Drew. It is Executive produced by filmmaker Christopher Smith (Creep, Black Death) with cinematography by Eben Bolter.

Here’s the trailer,

BLUE BORSALINO – Teaser trailer (short film) from Mark Lobatto on Vimeo.

Official Poster

Blue Borsalino FinalOnlinePoster

Gallery of images.

You can keep up to date with the film’s progress on Facebook here.