To celebrate the forthcoming UK premiere and release of Blood & Glory, we have to honour of exclusively launching the trailer for the film.

Written and directed by Sean Else (Platteland; ‘n Man Soos My Pa), Blood & Glory may be a fictional story but it takes its inspiration from events that unfolded during the Anglo-Boer war in South Africa in 1901.

The cast is made of both British and South African actors that include Charlotte Salt (Beowulf; The Tudors), Patrick Connolly (Inferno; Crushed), Nick Cornwall (Blood Loyal; Retribution) and Josh Myers (Rise of the Footsoldier III; The Sweeney) for the British contingent and Stian Bam (Veraaiers) who plays Morkel, Bok van Blerk (Platteland; Vrou Soek Boer) and acclaimed South African talent Grant Swanby (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom; Invictus; The Fall) fighting for the South African contingent.

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Director Sean Else said on the importance of period films:

Period films give the incredible gift of transporting us to a different time and place. No matter how hard we try to be different and without fault, it shows we are all alike, and that humanity universally remains the same. Blood & Glory is a story that shows the resilience, honour, loyalty and fighting spirit of outnumbered men fighting against injustice. It is a true underdog story that was begging to be told and I am overjoyed that we can finally share it with the rest of the world.”

Blood & Glory has its UK premiere in London’s Regent Street cinema on Monday 9th April and heads to DVD and Digital HD across the UK and Ireland from Monday 23rd April 2018.

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Blood & Glory Synopsis

Blood & Glory is a fictional story inspired by true events which explores the Anglo-Boer War, a notoriously sensitive and important part of history to this day, through the game of Rugby. It follows Willem Morkel – a Boer and family man whose wife and son are murdered during the conflict. Captured as a prisoner of war, Willem must survive incarceration in the notorious St. Helena concentration camp and defeat the ruthless Colonel Swannell at his
own game… rugby.