In just a few short weeks Prop Store is back with one of the biggest movie memorabilia auctions we’ve ever seen. It is the perfect chance to pick up something truly special from your most beloved movies – and we’re here to show you a few of the very best Blockbuster items you could own.

At the end of June and the start of July there’s another chance to live out your dreams with original movie props, concept and promotional artwork, costumes and so (so) much more with Prop Store’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction. It is being held in Los Angeles, but is available all around the world via the internet, from June the 29th to July the 1st. That gives you just under a month to dive headlong into the 500+ page catalogue which details thousands of highly collectible items, and choose your lots to bid on.

Prop Store June 2021 Auction LogoThere are so many films covered in this auction, from Alien to Zoolander, and each film has an assortment of items from iconic costumes worn by the actors to continuity Polaroids, from annontated scripts from the biggest films in the world to model miniatures. With hand-drawn sketches and dummy prosthetics also on offer you could own a part of movie history.

You’ve always wanted a pair of Gotham City phone books from Batman Returns, right? Or maybe there’s a space above your fireplace for a set of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine claws? If futuristic weaponry is your bag then you can relive the propulsive adrenaline rush of Aliens in your own home with Vasquez’s Pulse Rifle, or embrace your destiny as a Jedi with Episode III’s lightsabers. It’s all here – everything you could want and more.

To film fans this is kid in a candy shop time. This type of movie miscellany is a treasure trove of riches. And as many of the items come from the biggest films of the last half century, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the Blockbuster Items on offer.

You can find the full catalogue, as well as all the details for the auction, right here on Prop Store’s website.

Let’s start with a drink, yes?

Back to the Future seriesProp Store Back to the Future

Without a doubt, one of the most captivating elements from 1989’s Back to the Future Part II was the hyper stylized future of 2015. Marty McFly’s foray to the future was filled with the unusual everyday, some of which have come to be realised in own our homes. Yes – we’re still waiting for the 3-second microwave pizza (which looked delicious) and the holographic movie marquees – but we do have smart homes and video calls. The faxes were phased out sadly.

The Cafe ’80s had another prime piece of predestined prop-making. The Pepsi Perfect bottle was so futuristic, and such a bold, blatant piece of product placement, that it doesn’t matter how it tasted – we all wanted one.

Yes – we were that susceptible – and now we have the chance to pick one up! The drink itself may have lost its fizz though…

Also – bonus item pictured above – the front page of USA Today which reports on bionic arms for baseball pitchers, soaring house prices and a scathing review of Jaws 17. Sadly Queen Diana visiting Washington was never a reality. Prop Store Back to the Future Another iconic movie prop from the future is the one thing the whole of Back to the Future Part II hinges on. Grays Sports Almanac 1950 – 2000 is an instantly recognisable book, and this one has been signed by Doc Brown and Biff Tannen themselves! There is also a copy of Oh La La! up for auction if that’s more to your taste…Prop Store Back to the FutureNow these are special.  Up for grabs is a pair of officially licensed light up MAG replica Nikes. Every single kid who saw the film in the cinema back in the late ’80s wanted a pair. Self-tying laces! Lights! I mean – who wouldn’t? Released in 2011 to benefit Michael J. Fox’s Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, these Tinker Hatfield-designed shoes are iconic. And they could be yours…Prop Store Back to the FutureFinally from the BTTF lots there’s this framed ‘Termination Fax’. Poor future Marty McFly – bullied into a dodgy deal by Needles and then fired by Mr. Fujitsu by FAX! This is social media cancellation before there was any social media. Still a harsh way to be let go though…

The Harry Potter series

Prop Store Harry Potter

Surpassing John Lennon in the circular specs stakes, young Harry Potter has cast a spell over a generation of young readers and cinema goers. Many of the items from the series up for auction are iconic pieces of the Potter puzzle – with our first pick being perhaps the most recognisable of them all.

According to the catalogue these eyeglasses, made for Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, are the first ever pair of Potter glasses to be available from Warner Bros. Archive.

Best of all, all of the Hammer Price proceeds from the Potter items will go to the Lumos Foundation, an international charity dedicated to transforming care systems for children around the world. Fifty points to Prop Store for facilitating this.

Prop Store Harry PotterAnother priceless piece of Potter paraphernalia comes in the form of this wand, again made for Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1, this time). Like the eyeglasses before it, this is first time such a prop has been offered up for auction.

The resin wand was used for the 2010 film, and it is believed to have been used for some of the earlier films, possibly back to the Prisoner of Azkaban films when this design of wand was first used.

There can be few Potterheads who haven’t dreamed of wielding the wand of The Boy Who Lived – now is your chance to do just that. Prop Store Harry PotterThe final item we’ve picked out is a twenty-year old movie prop in the form of the letter which changes everything for young Mr. Potter. Complete with broken wax seal (obviously) this is a great chance to own a piece of movie history. It does not, sadly, guarantee your acceptance into Hogwarts.

The Indiana Jones series

Prop Store Indiana JonesIt’s Indy’s hat.


That is Indy’s hat from the Temple of Doom. And it can be yours.

This is high point of the auction for sure. The chance to don the iconic fedora, worn by Harrison Ford all the way back in 1984, will be unmissable for one lucky Indiana Jones fan. If you want details: it is a size 7¼ (58 European), created by the Herbert Johnson Hat Company, has a satin lining and the initials I J embossed in bold on the sweatband.



Prop Store Indiana JonesThis hat is right up there with Darth Vader’s mask, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers and Charles Foster Kane’s sled as one of the most iconic movie props of all time. Prop Store Indiana JonesOf course if Jones’s fedora is too obvious a statement of your undying fandom, there are many other items which will turn your head. Take the poison dart from Raiders pictured above – or the clapperboard below (which is looking pretty good for a forty year old piece of movie history).

Prop Store Indiana JonesThe Star Wars series

Prop Store Star WarsOver the years Prop Store has auctioned off some of the most memorable pieces of Star Wars iconography. The items we’ve picked out from the plethora of lots on offer all caught our eye among the storyboards, maquettes and costumes from the beloved film series. So – yes, you can bid on a tooth from the Sarlacc Pit, grab an Ewok arrow or buy yourself artwork of Colin Cantwell’s TIE Fighter concept design – but like the Wizard’s Wand – we know you want run through the streets waving the most iconic movie weapon of all time…

Available in Sith Red and Force Green (my names and distinctions – don’t take these as lore…) Prop Store is offering the lightsabers of both Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi from 2005’s Revenge of the Sith.

Episode III had a number of impressive moments; none more so than the lava-bound final fight on the planet of Mustafar. These bladed ‘Duelling Lightsabers’ were used by Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen in the film. Both actors are now shooting the follow up Disney+ Star Wars series Kenobi, due out on the streaming service next year.

This next item is a rarity with added emotional value due to the sad passing of Carrie Fisher in 2016. This lot is Fisher’s script for The Empire Strikes Back, written by Leigh Brackett and Laurence Kasdan, arguably the film in which the character of Princess Leia was best defined. The reason this script will turn heads is that it has her own annotations made during filming, including the famous lines of dialogue which were changed on set. The scenes between Fisher’s Leia and Harrison Ford’s Han Solo are a key reason for our enjoyment of the film, and it is fascinating to see how their back and forth evolved over time. The third film in George Lucas’s original trilogy is well served in this auction, with items emblazoned with both RETURN and the earlier REVENGE of the Jedi titles (with a few rare Blue Harvest items as well…) This item is one of the more recognisable elements from ROTJ, as the shape, striking colour and design of the Emperor’s Guard costume is one of the boldest in the original films.

This lot is for one of the production manufactured helmets, made specifically for the 1983 film. It’s one of my favourite designs from the whole saga, one that inspired director Rian Johnson for the Elite Praetorian Guards in The Last Jedi.

The next piece we’ve selected from the Star Wars items on offer this time around is one of many pieces of art from the entire set of Star Wars films. Instantly recognisable as being from the paintbox of celebrated and much-missed Ralph McQuarrie, this painting of the Mos Eisley Cantina was created especially for the 1995 Pop Up book featuring the infamous hive of scum and villainy.

McQuarrie’s artwork, more than anything else, influenced the look of the Star Wars films. Several of the more spectacular shots from this decade’s sequel trilogy of films were entirely based on McQuarrie’s work.

This is a rare chance to own a piece of Star Wars history, one among many in this auction.Our final selection from the Star Wars universe is a recent addition to the galaxy far, far away and fans of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker will recognise this astromech droid from the Rebel base on Ajan Kloss.

R2-SHP (known to his friends as Shep) is a remote control droid which lights up and moves around with the included remote control. How often do you have the chance to own your very own R2 unit? Particularly one so complete and animated? Now is your chance…

Prop Store Star WarsFinally we’re including this lot as it is perhaps the most enticing item I’ve seen on offer. To put it simply – I WANT it.

Lot 196 is a set of a Statler and Waldorf Puppet heads, with details that indicate that Jim Henson himself may have operated them once upon a time. Dated to the 1980s, this is the perfect item for the Muppet fan in your life, and will make a lively conversation piece (they themselves will provide the lively conversation…) upon any mantelpiece, or Royal Box.

Prop Store MuppetsThese items and many more could be yours, so make sure you pick out your dream items and hurry to from the 29th of June to the 1st of July to make that dream become reality. Don’t miss out…