Though much of the recent news on the UK film industry has been concerning government cuts I’m pleased to say that the British Film Institute continues its great work in championing the art of film, and the announcement of their summer season of Science Fiction classics is a great example of this.

Entitled Film Science: Future Human the series of films on show are among the more illuminating and complex of the sci-fi genre (though the absence of Duncan Jones’ Moon is odd), here’s their take on the overarching themes,

Cinema has long striven to imagine the future, near and distant, but what would it mean to live in the societies depicted in such cinematic speculations? Inspired by the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary, we present a two-month season that surveys the future human condition as it has been imagined by filmmakers over the years.

The chance to see 2001 on the big screen is too good to pass up, and there are so many good films on offer here as well as some truly unique events and discussions – exactly the sort of thing the BFI do so well.

My favourite Woody Allen film, Sleeper, gets a cinema outing, as does Nic Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth. Many of these films don’t make it to the big screen often enough so do check it out.

Here’s the link to click to get the full timetable of screenings and events and, of course, to book your tickets.