Beyond Paradise

Following on from the hugely popular BBC series Death in Paradise, comes the new spin-off, Beyond Paradise, where we swap the golden beaches of the Caribbean for…. Devon. The returning character is fan favourite, the detective Humphrey Goodman, and we had the pleasure in taking part in a junket where we got to speak to Kris Marshall, who plays the role, alongside his on-screen partner Sally Bretton, and mother-in-law Barbara Flynn.

But it wouldn’t be a spin-off without a host of new characters, and we also spoke to Dylan Llewellyn and Felicity Montagu. We not only discussed their new roles, but two of their more memorable from other shows, as Llewellyn firstly tells us what it meant to him to hear that Martin Scorsese is a Derry Girls fan, while Montagu talks about the iconic role of Lynn Benfield from I’m Alan Partridge, as she tells us whether there were ever any discussions about a spin-off for that role…

Finally we have our interview with the writer and show-runner, Tony Jordan and Tim Key as they talk about bringing this world back to life, and just what it is about the ‘Paradise’ franchise, that has captured the imaginations of so many viewers. Enjoy all three interviews in their entirety below.

Kris Marshall, Sally Bretton & Barbara Flynn

Dylan Llewellyn & Felicity Montague

Tony Jordan & Tim Key


Death in Devon. DI Humphrey Goodman relocates from tropical Saint Marie to sleepy Shipton Abbott, cracking cases and hoping for happily ever after with fiancée Martha.

Beyond Paradise airs on the BBC from Friday February 24th