Benedetta is a film that is a true gift for any performer, as a movie that seamlessly moves between different genres, with multi-layered, complex characters at its centre, allowing so much scope for actors to express themselves and try their hand at a variety of different things. For Daphne Patakia, this was very much the case, and so when we had the pleasure in speaking to the up and coming star, she recounted her memorable experiences on set, ranging from the sex scenes, to the torture ones. She speaks about how important it was for her to feel comfortable on set, and how the esteemed filmmaker Paul Verhoeven went about ensuring his actors felt this way. She also comments on the collaboration process with the auteur, and what it is that makes him such a special and unique force in storytelling.

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A 17th-century nun becomes entangled in a forbidden lesbian affair, but it’s her shocking religious visions that threaten to shake the Church to its very core.

Benedetta is out now