With the latest pics from the set of his new Fockers film hitting today, and with a lot of buzz surrounding his forthcoming movie with Noah Baumbach, Greenburg, Ben Stiller has a lot of momentum at the moment.

The latest news from the L.A. Times is that Stiller is to front a heist movie for Universal, based on the premise that a group of con-men attempt to swindle the residents of New York’s Trump Tower, which sounds an awful lot like Ocean’s Eleven (indeed the script passed through the hands of Eleven’s writer Ted Griffin) but the supporting cast for this film is what makes this one apart.

Chris Rock, Chris Tucker and Eddie Murphy were set to play three of the con-men (what’s the collective term for con-men? A swindle?) but Stiller is rumoured to be replacing Murphy so the racial element of the film, if this was ever intended to play a part in the film or its production, is now not an issue.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Stiller take on a Danny Ocean type role, how he would fare under the hand of rumoured director Brett Ratner is another matter.