Much critical acclaim has been heaped on Ben Affleck’s work as director, both for “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Town”. Warner Bros are keen to keep him “in house”, so to speak and he has been wooed with all manner of attractive projects in recent months.

Added to his list of options, we now have “American Bulls**t”, a script by Eric Warren Singer (The International, TV’s Æon Flux) all about an FBI undercover sting operation in 1980, intended to uncover and expose corruption in the US Congress. This is not a WB project however, being produced instead at Sony by Charles Roven (Three Kings, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins) in conjunction with Atlas Entertainment.

Needless to say, Affleck is yet to make up his mind and may yet accept the offer from WB of either Replay or The Trade. Perhaps it will be a question of which potential project best strikes a chord with his artistic proclivities. At least he is in the pleasant position of being courted so much by so many. After the one-two of Gone Baby Gone and The Town, it would be great to see him direct another excellent film and continue in his current rich vein of form.

As soon as we get word that he has made his mind up, we will be sure to let you know. They may have to re-work that title though.

Source: The Wrap.