Ben Affleck competes for the title of Hollywood’s most in demand director with two big gigs in the works, one featuring his old Good Will Hunting buddy, and another which marks quite a departure from his previous work.

Collider are reporting that the duo may reteam (it hasn’t been officially announced as yet) in a biopic of Irish crime boss Whitey Bulger, with Damon  playing the lead role and Affleck performing directorial duties. What’s more, Boardwalk Empire mastermind Terrence Winter is writing the script.

This all sounds very promising, but when (and where) this will fit into Affleck’s increasingly busy schedule is unclear. Currently filming and starring in (alongside an all-star cast) the comedy drama Argo, Deadline brings news that he has been chosen by Warner Bros. (who are behind the aforementioned George Clooney-produced picture, and Affleck’s highly-praised 2010 feature, The Town) to adapt and direct the long-awaited, big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s post-apocalypse epic, The Stand.

This is certainly an interesting and welcomed choice (although wasn’t Harry Potter’s David Yates attached to this a mere month or so back) but due to the sheer size and scope of this production (which will undoubtedly dwarf his previous productions combined) if the Whitley Bulger feature is eventually green-lit, we could be still be waiting a considerable time yet for an Affleck/Damon reteaming.