We Need To Talk About Kevin, Lynne Ramsay’s adaptation of the original novel by Lionel Shriver, has finally been released, after months of anticipation, and expectedly promising words from critics applauding the film.

If you’ve missed out on our coverage of it, you can catch up on it all here, most recently including our report at the film’s UK premiere and an interview with director Lynne Ramsay and actor Ezra Miller, and our own review of the film.

We Need To Talk About Kevin’s final UK quad poster has surfaced over at Empire, and with the film now officially out for us all to go to our local cinemas to see, having been released on Friday, this should be the last of the UK advertising campaign that we’ll see for the film for now.

What we’ll be looking forward to seeing is how it will fare when the announcements are made for the Oscar nominations early next year. Until then, here’s the final UK poster to enjoy / be haunted by. If you like the look of it, the film should be playing in whatever cinema is nearest to you. As usual with the image, click to enlarge.