Earlier this year two posters appeared for Juan Solanas’ sci-fi romance Upside Down, these are reproduced below and the Deco inspired image is particularly tantalising. Now we get our first look at the world Solanas has created and also the two leads, our Adam and Eve in this tale of alternate worlds, Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst.

The synopsis intrigues me, the pictures below beg to be whipped into motion and I cannot wait to see more of the film. Alternate worlds alongside one another are plentiful in cinema with Franklyn a recent example and there appears to be something of the legend of Orpheus thrown into the mix here.

The reports have this one coming out in 2012, earlier in the year May 2011 was mentioned and this is still the date according to IMDb, so who knows? Here’s the sales pitch.

Look up towards the sky and rub your eyes because you won’t believe what you see: cities, forests, and oceans with their own inverted gravity, only an arm’s length away, yet completely unreachable. Take a leap over to this alternate reality, two worlds – one above, one below? facing each other, and you’ll land in the extraordinary world of Upside Down, the new ground?breaking film of Juan Solanas, the director of the innovative Cannes and César?prized short film The Man Without A Head and heartbreaking 2005 Cannes film Nordeste.

Adam is a seemingly ordinary guy in a very extraordinary universe. He lives humbly trying to make ends meet, but his romantic spirit holds on to the memory of a girl he met once upon a time from another world, an inverted affluent world with its own gravity, directly above but beyond reach… a girl named Eve. Their childhood flirtation becomes an impossible love. But when he catches a glimpse of grown?up Eve on television, nothing will get in the way of getting her back… Not even the law or science!

Here are the images, which don’t show off too much, but with the Deco-future world already explored in the video games Bioshock and Starship Titanic I’m very keen to see more. Trailer please.

Into the Screen showed these images some love, and other info came from JimSturgessonline.com