Idris Elba Will Packer Beast Interview

Idris Elba vs. a lion – consider us in. Beast is the latest picture by Baltasar Kormakur, produced by Will Packer, and to mark its big screen release, we had the pleasure of speaking to all three of the aforementioned talents. With Elba and Packer we speak about the actualities of coming face to face with a lion (turns out, I’d die) – and they Elba talks about finding depth and nuance, amidst the action and the chaos. Packer then speaks about the future of films of this very nature, and how they can survive in a landscape dominated by the likes of Disney and the MCU.

Kormakur also admits to being worried for films like this going forward, but speaks about what appealed him to telling this story, and whether or not he was inspired by other filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg. We also get all three to talk about their own experiences with wild animals. Who knew elephants could be so angry? Be sure to watch both interviews in their entirety below.

Idris Elba & Will Packer

Baltasar Kormakur

Beast is released in cinemas on August 26th 


Recently widowed Dr. Nate Daniels and his two teenage daughters travel to a South African game reserve managed by Martin Battles, an old family friend and wildlife biologist. However, what begins as a journey of healing soon turns into a fearsome fight for survival when a lion, a survivor of bloodthirsty poachers, begins stalking them.