Here are two new trailers for the film we still can’t believe is coming… This is matched by our disbelief at how much we’re looking forward to it. Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon is the man tasked by Paramount to bring the ‘much-loved’ TV sensation Baywatch to the big screen. As with many of the new studio comedy films a deep-seated sense of knowing is implicit in much of the humour on show, with Baywatch they seem to be enjoying kicking all the subtlety out of the post-modern experience.


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This new trailer is a prime example of that, and you’ll be able to see exactly why when you click on it. What is does do is compound the over the top tone we recently saw in the first trailer. It also gives us another good steer as to the extremely soap opera-esque set up for the new film. It has Dwayne Johnson as the leader of an elite team of lifeguards who’s forced to employ a rule-breaking hotshot (Efron) to save the bay from Priyanka Chopra’s oil tycoon. The cast also includes Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, and Hannibal Buress.

It looks ridiculous, and it knows it. Which means that it will probably be a huge amount of fun and there’s no denying the movie star charm of Johnson and Efron. A witty script should seal the deal. Here’s hoping…

Baywatch the movie is set for release on May 19th, 2017,

Baywatch Movie Trailer #2

There is also a new version of the first trailer with more swearing. Which is nice. Thanks to our friends over at the invaluable Trailer Track for this heads up.

Baywatch Movie International Trailer #2