Universal Pictures have just sent us the trailer for a movie which originally came out in US cinema in 2007, UK cinemas earlier this year and has now made it’s way to DVD. The movie is an animated sci fi called Battle for Terra and has a voice cast which includes Evan Rachel Wood, Luke Wilson, Brian Cox, Justin Long, James Garner, Chris Evans, Danny Glover, Dennis Quaid and is directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas.

Battle for Terra is released this coming Monday on DVD and you can pre-order it here.

Synopsis: When Earth’s natural resources began to rapidly diminish, mankind was forced to seek out a new home and build colonies on Mars and Venus. However disaster struck when the two colonies attempted to declare independence from Earth, and the ensuing Great War destroyed all three planets. Now mankind’s only hope for survival is to find a new home.

A peaceful and magical planet, Terra is inhabited by a gentle race of extraterrestrials called the Terrians who harbour a deep respect for nature and have no need for war or violence. But when plans to find a peaceful solution for the humans and Terrians to live in harmony are scuppered by a villainous General, it is only a matter of time before the stage is set for a battle that threatens to destroy both species.

Will the humans find a way of living in harmony with the Terrians or will both races be lost forever?