You’ve got questions. We’ve got questions. It’s time to address the ending of one of the most ambitious and anticipated films of all time. There were shocks, surprises and universe-changing moments. A decade on from the first spark of the MCU all of its many and varied worlds have collided. Guardians and Avengers stood shoulder to shoulder as the world, nay – the entire Universe, is threatened. But this is only part 1 of Avengers Infinity War…

Amazingly, as you’ll have seen by now, Marvel and The Russo Brothers have pulled it off. Infinity War is an immensely satisfying culmination of everything that has come before it. It tied up the many loose threads and unraveled a few new ones. Characters returned, and some left forever. It’s a dizzying spectacle of myth and monsters and there’s more to come. And we have questions about where the series goes next…

Amanda Keats, whose glowing review sits proudly on top of the site currently, has dived deep into the film to pick out the dozen or so of the biggest questions Infinity War leaves us with. Take a look below, answer a few of them if you can, and if we’ve missed any – let us know. [Ed.]

Avengers Infinity War – Spoiler Special

Here we go…

In case this wasn’t already obvious, this article is FULL of spoilers so if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War then please leave and come back when you have.
If you have seen it and are now just about recovered from all the anxiety, the drama, the loss, the laughs and all the action, then let’s discuss

Because we have questions!

Where are Valkyrie and Korg?
Did they leave with the rest of the Asgardians? Are they OK?

Thanos said he would slaughter half the population but that gut-wrenching opener made it look like everyone had died so are half of them off on another ship to Earth somewhere, being led by this brilliant pair?

Black Panther Movie Images

Is Shuri OK?
We left the kickass princess in a rather precarious moment so it’s hard to say but she certainly seemed to be taking care of business when we did see her.

If she has made it out OK (we can but hope!) then it’s likely she won’t be when she hears what went down in the big battle outside – especially to her big brother.

On that note, is she going to take over the Black Panther title now that he’s gone? There’s no more of that flower but she’s so awesome maybe she just doesn’t need it.

What did Doctor Strange see?
One outcome out of trillions where Thanos doesn’t win. One. And Doctor Strange saw it.

Which might explain why he gave up the stone so easily.

Are the dead people actually dead?
They’ve messed with us before, those pesky Marvel-folks. It would be a ridiculous copout to put us through the ringer like this and then just say ‘ha, no worries, they’re all fine’.

Though, perhaps one or two might still come back? After all, everything – including time itself – can be messed with.
I mean, I can just about make my peace with the loss of Loki and Vision – and I can even cope with the loss of Heimdall (barely!). But I’m just not ready to say goodbye to Gamora yet. The Guardians without her just doesn’t seem like much fun!

How will the disintegrated people come back?
Time can be rewritten, as we know, and though we had many actual deaths in the film the disintegrating people at the end seemed likely candidates to pop back up when things are fixed. Fingers crossed!

What will bring Ant-Man and Hawkeye back?
They’ve made a deal to protect their families but surely – now that all actual hell has come to pass they’re going to crop up later.

Will the Defenders make an appearance?
Just imagine a fleeting cameo from Jessica Jones, drinking her way through the end of days. Or Luke meeting Okoye! What’s not to love?!

Will Tony make it back to Earth and survive long enough to marry Pepper?
Marvel fans have worried for a long time that one of the main two would be the big death from these films.
And with Tony and Cap both still hanging on at the end of part one, it’s hard to believe that the same will be said at the end of part two. Especially seeing as Tony is so very far from home.

So will all that wedding talk give us a bittersweet happy ending for the pair? Or a gut-punch not even the Hulk could walk off?

Will Cap survive?
The relief of having Steve and Tony still with us at the end of this first part is surely short-lived. They just wouldn’t be that kind to us.

Will Steve and Tony make amends?
Whether or not these two make it to the end of part two remains to be seen. But before we get to that finish line, will they even see each other?

They’re a bit out of reach at present but after everything that went down in Civil War, we need to see them side by side at least once more.

Will Hulk come back?
The superb Mark Ruffalo brought his A-game to Infinity War, especially when the Hulk refused to come out. But will the Hulk be coaxed into joining the squad for part two?

Where is Adam Warlock?
Will the Sovereign people show up along with Adam just in time to save the day?

Will we get the Sherlock reunion we all want?
A brilliant tweet said that it was a wasted opportunity to have Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch on screen together and to have neither of them say ‘No shit, Sherlock’.
But surely we can go one better and have Martin Freeman show up and say the sentence to the pair of them!

Ho hum…