James Cameron at the Avatar Press ConferenceWhile the world is awash with embargo ridiculing Avatar reviews we thought you’d like to know what James Cameron has up his sleeve.

Speaking at the Avatar Press Conference (which you can watch in full here) Cameron revealed that two sequels to Avatar are being considered. While this is not a huge surprise, given the money poured into the epic sci-fi production, it remains to be seen if Avatar has a story which spans another two films, try as I might I can’t shake the memory of the Matrix sequels.

More interesting was the news that Cameron is donning his producer hat for a remake of Richard Fleischer’s 1966 Fantastic Voyage, a film about a team of scientists minaturised and injected into their dying colleague’s body. How¬† it will beat Inner Space I don’t know, but Cameron’s technological¬† capability should make for an interesting film.

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