The Online Acting school, The Actors Gym, have enlisted the help of Asa Butterfield, William Moseley,  David Schaal and Ali Bastian to provide Online workshops and review submitted self-tapes.

Since launching in February, the online branch of Fidelski’s Fulham based acting school The Reel Scene has seen its popularity sky-rocket due to COVID-19. The main aim of The Actors Gym is to connect and support members with their online community, offering self-tape feedback, Q&A sessions with special guests, exclusive training and zoom workshops with key industry experts from a variety of fields.

Actors are encouraged to send off two self-tapes a month, from which they receive a page of written feedback. Self-taping is the process of recording an audition for a film or television role from home and then sending the resulting video to an agent to be submitted for a role, rather than attending an audition in person.

the actor's gym

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Asa Butterfield says about The Actors Gym and The Reel Scene, “They’re like a family. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve gotten to know them really well. When people come to The Reel Scene, whether it’s for a single session or just for a three-day workshop, you’re part of it, you’re in the family.”

Asa has been busy during lockdown developing his own projects and appearing in a public Instagram live stream Q&A session with The Actors Gym as well as a private session with gym members. He says, “That’s what I’ve been doing most of, especially in ‘Corona time’, pretty much all I’ve been able to do is read scripts and have conversations with directors. So, I haven’t been able to actually act or be a part of any sort of performance.” 

The Actors Gym has been a lifeline in lockdown for actors socially as well. Their supportive online community has flourished and they run regular quiz nights and film clubs. This month, mental health professional Chris Allan ran the film club and hosted a Q&A, encouraging actors to look deeper into the psyche of the characters they play. Cristian Solimeno will be hosting the film club in September, showing his film I Made This For You to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.

Find out more right here: The Actors Gym.