The ball is now rolling in the Ben Wheatley court on Freakshift, a couple of weeks ago we reported the news that the all-new all-action Tom Raider star, Alicia Vikander, was in talks to be Wheatley’s leading protagonist on the misfit-cop caper. Now news is emerging that Armie Hammer will be teaming up with the High Rise and Kill List director once again for Freakshift.

Hammer just recently starred in Wheatley’s gun-toting bullet frenzy of a film, Free Fire, which saw him try to pull off an arms deal between two ego-fueled gangs which included the likes of Cillian Murphy, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Brie Larson and Jack Reynor. However, Freakshift may see Hammer taking a backseat to Vikander as her love interest.

Armie Hammer - Freakshift

The plot, which was penned by Wheatley alongside Amy Jump, is an action-thriller where the monsters ascend from the depths of the earth at night to lay merry hell on humankind. The Freakshift are a cop task force of the lowest kind full of misfits and lawbreakers who hunt down the monsters, mainly for money, but also as a sport (and to protect mankind too). Wheatley’s long-standing collaboration with Film4 still stands strong as they provide the financing.

Armie Hammer’s career has gone into overdrive of late, besides Fire Fire, he starred in last year’s Nocturnal Animals alongside Amy Adams and his voice will be starring in the upcoming Pixar Cars 3 as new character Jackson Storm. It doesn’t stop there for the big hulk of a man, He attended the Berlin festival for not one but two films, Stanley Tucci’s Final Portrait in which he stars alongside Geoffrey Rush and the Luca Guadagino directed Call Me By Your Name. He also only recently finished up on the set of Hotel Mumbai with Dev Patel.