The eagerly awaited 3 Disc Apocalypse Now Blu-ray is released this coming Monday (13th June). It includes both the original 1979 theatrical version of Francis Ford Coppola’s visionary masterpiece, and the longer ‘Redux’ version that was released around 2006. Discs 2 and 3 are chock full of extras (most of them released previously as part of the ‘Complete Dossier’ North American DVD release), the jewel of which is the long out of print Hearts of Darkness documentary about the making of the film which itself ranks as one of the greatest films ever made about filmmaking.

This release is about as definitive as definitive gets, and is likely the final word on the film unless Coppola ever decides to release an even LONGER version – there is more footage that was not included in AN Redux.

Here’s another new trailer, created for the Blu-ray release, and watch for my feature about the film that will be posted on Monday.

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Ian Gilchrist
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