At TIFF we spoke to Avengers director Anthony Russo about the Spider-Man situation between Marvel and Sony. He talks about working with Tom Holland, and reintroducing the beloved character into the MCU with Captain America: Civil War, and how instrumental Kevin Feige was in making the deal for the Avengers films.

He said,

“It was extremely difficult for us to be able to reintroduce the character of Spider-Man in Civil War, and to find a way for Disney and Sony to partner on that.

“But we knew it was a difficult marriage. It’s hard to get two big studios to cooperate with one another. So, the fact that the marriage is falling apart, frankly isn’t that surprising to us, even though it’s sad for fans.”


You can watch the video below, for his full comments on the situation, and how the freedom of not thinking about the next few Marvel films helped with writing Avengers Endgame.