Oscar-nominated Fernando Meirelles (City of God, The Constant Gardener) has surrounded himself with an absolutely stellar group of people to help him make his latest film, 360.

With a script from two-time Oscar nominee, Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon), and a cast headed up by Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, and Ben Foster, there’s definitely a lot of talent involved with the project.

We first got a look at the film back in July with a photo of married couple Law and Weisz, which was then soon followed up with more images from the film that gave us our first look at Hopkins and Foster, and a hint of discontent in Law and Weisz’s marriage. Then came the wonderful news that the film would be opening this year’s BFI London Film Festival on 12th October, marking its European premiere.

The film is based on a 1900 play by Austrian author, Arthur Schnitzler, entitled Reigen (a.k.a. La Ronde).

“Schnitzler’s original used ten pairs of lovers from different sections of Viennese society to show how sexual relationships can transgress social boundaries. Morgan and Meirelles broaden this out, as the film weaves through Vienna, Bratislava, Paris, London, Rio, Phoenix and Denver into a single, seamless narrative. An ambitious young woman sees sex as a way to escape her background; a respectable widower wrestles with the conflict between desire and religious principles; a man grieving his long-lost daughter forges a bond with a heartbroken girl; a married couple come to see each other with fresh eyes. Individual stories connect, choices are made and directions taken but, as always in Meirelles’ films, these are grounded in a sense of place. Each city the characters pass through feels real, vividly so.”

We’ve now got the first clip from the film to share with you, courtesy of The Playlist, ahead of its London premiere next month. It doesn’t give much away in terms of what we can expect plot-wise, but it does show so much promise for the film amongst the cast’s performances, with Hopkins really nailing his character, an alcoholic, who looks filled with regret in this scene.

There’s no word yet on a UK release date, so if you get to see this next month at the London Film Festival, count yourself lucky. Unfortunately, the film had something of a bad start when it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, with technical faults delaying the screening and sound problems affecting the screening itself. Let’s hope, however, that it will be shown precisely how it’s meant to be seen when it opens the festival next month, because this really does look like a film to watch out for. Without further ado, here’s the great first clip from 360.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bmvb1WGDlw’]