A couple of weeks ago we brought you the new banner poster for the third installment of Twilight: Eclipse which is released in UK cinemas, 9th July, and US Cinemas 30th June and today we bring you one more. Is it me or does it look like they’re all lying down together?!

Twilight: Eclipse sees werewolves (Taylor Lautner), vampires (Robert Pattinson) and humans (Kristen Stewart) come back together for another ‘gripping’ adventure where all three will go up against the vampire Royal Family called the Volturi – let’s just hope it’s better than the second movie, Twilight: New Moon otherwise I’m walking out! This movie is directed by David Slade who has previously brought us another vampire movie, 30 Days of Night so I’m hoping for a really dark side toThe  Twilight Saga that we’ve not seen yet in the previous two movies.

We had our first clip from the movie last week too which you can still see here if you missed it.