An emotionally affecting and inspiring trailer for the biographical film Another Mother’s Son has been released. The film stars Judge John Deed actress, Jenny Seagrove as Louisa Gould – one of the first recipients of Her Majesty’s British Hero of the Holocaust Awards in March 2010.

Louisa Gould was a shopkeeper in Jersey during the Second World War, in charge of handing out rations to those in the only British territory to fall under the control of the Third Reich. After learning of her son’s death in battle she takes under her wing a young Russian POW who escaped a German Prison camp despite her family’s concerns. Singer/songwriter, and ex-Boyzone member, Ronan Keating plays her brother Harold Gould. He is no stranger to acting following his role as Guy in the West End show, Once, which earned him rave reviews.

Another Mother's Son Poster

Directed by Emmy-nominated Christopher Menaul (Summer in February, Killing Jesus) Another Mother’s Son is the first feature screenplay from writer Jenny Lecoat, who is the great Niece of Louisa Gould. John Hannah (The Mummy film franchise), and Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Mr. Selfridge), play the remaining members of Louisa’s family, whilst Emmy Award-winning Susan Hampshire (Monarch of the Glenn, The Forsyte Saga), Nicholas Farrell (Chariots of Fire) and Peter Wight (Another Year, Babel) make up the remaining British cast.

Here’s the new trailer,

Another Mother’s Son Official Synopsis

Another Mother’s Son tells the true story of Louisa Gould, a largely unsung heroine of the Second World War. Under the rule of history’s most evil regime, and abandoned by Churchill on the brink of the war, The Channel Islanders were the first to experience life under the Third Reich. Jersey became something of a prison island, where captured POW’s (particularly from Russia) were bought and forced to build an Atlantic Wall, a huge concrete fortification to defend the islands from British counter attack. British citizens who were not born on the island were sent to Germany.