Every other post we’re putting up at the moment seems to have something to do with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises but can you blame us when so much amazing work is being done for one of the most anticipated movies of the year?!

The latest treat is this poster which comes from the fab people at Mondo together with Jock to bring us a rather epic new poster with Batman (Christian Bale) rising about Gotham City as he looks down no doubt on the evil that surrounds it created from gazillions of bats. This new poster has been created for Comic Con which is currently happening in San Diego and will be available to purchase from today at booth #437. If you’re there, I’d bust a groove and snap this up before they all go.

I could go into telling you who’s in it and what the synopsis is like I usually do but meh, you know all that already! It’s out 20th July. Not long to go!!

If you missed the creepy IMAX Bane poster yesterday, have a little look here.

Click it and watch it grow!