When asking the talent involved in The Mummy exactly what it was that attracted them to the project – their answer was generally rather short; Tom Cruise. For Annabelle Wallis this was a huge draw, as she shares the screen with the esteemed action hero in this reboot of the much-loved Universal franchise.

Wallis plays archeologist Jenny Halsey in the Alex Kurtzman endeavour, and we asked her about her experience collaborating so closely with Cruise – and this led on a conversation about that zero gravity scene. 

the-mummy-movie-tom-cruise“We were really excited to get a chance to do it, there were only four planes in the world that do that, and so we went to France, and only with Tom would you be allowed to do something like that,” she said. “We built our set in a science lab and then we went up and just had to hope for the best. There was no prep you can do to prepare you for an experience no-one has ever had before and Tom and I, and it’s a testament to how comfortable we were after all those months doing stunts together, that we just did it.”

Wallis also tells us how challenging it was to act in character during this scene, and what it felt like walking afterwards. She also speaks about her own interest in Ancient Egyptian mythology, admitting to have a pre-established interest, which came in rather handy for her role.

Watch the full interview below…


The Mummy is released on June 9th