The 1970s-set female lead mob movie The Kitchen stars The Handmaid’s Tale’s Elisabeth Moss, Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy in the lead roles. It is directed by Andrea Berloff, who adapted the DC comic book written by Ollie Masters and illustrated by Ming Doyle.

The supporting cast includes Domhnall Gleeson, James Badge Dale, Brian d’Arcy James, Common, Bill Camp, Margo Martindale and Jeremy Bobb.

James Kleinmann sat down with Berloff to talk about wanting to adapt the comic book, gathering the cast and ensuring they share the screen as much as possible. They also talk about look of the film, costumes and location shooting, and how they worked to recreate the gritty 1970s New York of the film. She also talks about the musical aspect and creating the soundtrack to the film.

The Kitchen will be released in UK cinemas on the 20th of September, 2019. Here’s the interview.


The wives of New York gangsters in Hell’s Kitchen in the 1970s continue to operate their husbands’ rackets after they’re locked up in prison.