Revolver have sent us this brand new clip for their UK movie, Bonded by Blood which is directed by Sacha Bennett and stars Tamer Hassan, Terry Stone and Neil Maskell. It looks a little bit like Snatch in the way it’s shot only with an awful lot more swearing!

Synopsis: In 1995, drug suppliers and career criminals Tony Tucker (Terry Stone), Patrick Tate (Tamer Hassan) and Craig Rolfe (Neil Maskell) were blasted to death by a shot gun whilst waiting in a Range Rover in Rettendon, Essex. BONDED BY BLOOD charts their rise to become the most prolific dealers and deared criminals in the south of England, maintaining the hold on their empire with fear and violence until their untimely death.

Bonded by Blood is released in the UK September 3rd. You can find out more on the official website here.