Apparently Amanda Seyfried is set to play Cinderella in a new live action film version of the classic tale. Disney are supposedly shelling out a seven figure sum on the film which is surely guaranteed to be a box office success, even if it suffers a critical mauling.

Seyfried is also playing the titular Red Riding Hood in a new adaptation due for release in April next year, a role I think is actually very well suited to her strengths as an actress and her somewhat unique look. It could also be an intriguing film too if the story’s subtexts are developed in a interesting way.

Cinderella though seems like a less inspired film choice and with Disney bankrolling it I would be surprised if the film goes beyond just being a pretty, lightweight and frothy affair.

Seyfried is an interesting actress who has been in some films of very questionable quality and I hope she takes a few more interesting projects (like last year’s Chloe) along with the more money spinning blockbuster hits.

Source: In Case You Didn’t Know