Adeel Akhtar

Ali & Ava is a wonderful new drama, featuring two remarkable leading performances from Adeel Akhtar and Claire Rushbook, and brought together beautifully by filmmaker Clio Barnard. To mark the film’s release we had the pleasure of interviewing all three of the aforementioned talent, split between our regular interviewers Stefan Pape and Scott Davis. We discussed the characters at hand, and the unique aspect of this project, which tells an ordinary love story about ordinary people (how novel). We also dig into the musical elements of the production, and Rushbrook casts the mind back to the start of her career, and the lasting impact Mike Leigh had her on career. Though as things stand, there’s a new masterful kitchen-sink-realist on the block, and Barnard is the name. Watch all three of the interviews in their entirety below.

Adeel Akhtar

Claire Rushbrook

Clio Barnard


Two lonely people develop a deep connection despite the lingering legacy of their past relationships.

Ali & Ava is out in cinemas now