Whether or not you buy into the notion of a film based on a board game, Peter Berg’s Battleship is taking shape, adding the curious twist of an alien invasion into the mix.

Taylor Kitsch has already jumped on board and now HeatVision are adding a new name to the cast list, one which will be familiar to fans of Sookie Stackhouse and the True Blood team.

Alexander Skarsgard made a great impression as fanged lothario Eric Northman on True Blood as well as taking a role in Generation Kill, and is moving into the film world with a role as an inspirational naval officer, the brother of Kitsch’s character in Peter Berg’s film.

I’m only speculating but if this follows the traditional Hollywood actioner then there’s a very good chance Skarsgard wont make it to the final credits alive, but there is a part of me which is intrigued by how they will pull this one together. I just wish they’d cast William Sadler and get it over with…