With the world’s mythologies already largely pilfered in search of a replacement for the Harry Potter cash-cow – the results of which are already fading into obscurity – Hollywood looks to have finally changed lanes with a literary adaptation from not only a different world, but a different planet.

I Am Number Four – based on the novel of the same name from Jobie Hughes and James Frey – follows nine interplanetary refugees as they exile on Earth from the aliens that destroyed their home planet. Each assigned a number, Alex Pettyfer’s number 4 must fight to survive as his fellow fugitives are hunted and killed in ascending sequence.

Produced by Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, the movie promises as much spectacle as it does heart (either that or as much idiocy as it does a jarringly happy ending). Joining Pettyfer in the fight for survival are Dianna Agron (Glee) as love interest, Timothy Olyphant (The Crazies) as mentor and Kevin Durand (Legion) as the resident evil.

The first trailer for the movie, helmed by Disturbia’s D. J. Caruso, can be found here, while the titular featurette – complete with discussion from Pettyfer and Caruso – can be viewed below (courtesy of Trailer Addict).

I Am Number Four is scheduled for release in February of next year.