1933 was the year King Kong first graced our screens, and now, over 80 years later, the mythical cinematic creation returns in his biggest form yet, in Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island. To mark the films release we sat down with producer Alex Garcia, who explains to us what he feels it is about this great ape that has allowed for him to stand the test of time so triumphantly.

“Kong is this mythic character that represents something larger than us,” he told us. “There’s also something about the misunderstood beast who is not exactly what you think when you first meet him. He’s not as fearful as you think, he’s a misunderstood creature, he resonates and its a daunting thing to take a character this beloved and do something new with it, but have it feel true to its foundations.”

Kong: Skull Island“We’ve made him much bigger than he has been prior but we’re really trying to keep all those central bits of him that make him the character that has lasted for over 80 years.”

Garcia also speaks to us about how they went about bringing this character to life, and why studios are taking punts on indie filmmakers like Vogt-Roberts. He also talks about the stellar cast that has been assembled, and the need for films that offer such a pure sense of entertainment as this does. Finally he talks about the Godzilla vs Kong movie he’s attached to, and what fans can expect of this gargantuan coming together of cinema’s most feared/loved monsters.

Kong: Skull Island is released on March 9th. You can read our review here, and check out the rest of the interviews with the cast and crew right here.