Alan-Partridge:-Alpha-Papa-PosterSteve Coogan is set to reprise the role for which he is beloved this summer, marking the character’s big screen debut in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

The title, alone, is enough to get you excited. Add to that the brilliant new full-length trailer we saw earlier in the month, and you’re on to a winner. And to make things even better, StudioCanal have now released the official quad poster, with Coogan / Partridge front and centre.

Alan Partridge has had many ups and downs in his life. National television broadcaster. Responsible for killing a guest on live TV. Local radio broadcaster. A nervous breakdown in Dundee. His self-published book,’Bouncing Back’, subsequently remaindered and pulped.

ALAN PARTRIDGE: ALPHA PAPA portrays the events of the greatest low-to-high-ebb spectrum in his life to date – specifically how he tries to salvage his public career while negotiating a potentially violent turn of events at North Norfolk Digital Radio.

Starring alongside Coogan will be a number of past collaborators, led by Felicity Montagu, Tim Key, Simon Greenall, Phil Cornwell, Nigel Lindsay, and Darren Boyd. And they’ll be joined by Colm Meaney, Anna Maxwell Martin, Monica Dolan, Sean Pertwee, and Dustin Demri-Burns.

Declan Lowney (Alan Partridge on Open Books with Martin Bryce) directs from a script co-written by Coogan, Armando Iannucci, Peter Baynham, and Neil and Rob Gibbons.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa will be released on 7th August in the UK and Ireland. As of yet, there’s still no word on a US release date. But with any luck, it’ll be crossing the Atlantic in some shape or form later in the year. For now, here’s the great new quad poster.