aaron sorkinWhile busy completing the script for David Fincher’s Facebook biopic The Social Network it seems Aaron Sorkin is returning to the small screen for his next venture.

He tells TV Guide (via Total FIlm)
“I’m going to be starting on a new TV series when filming is done on the upcoming movie The Social Network,.. It’s going to be what turns out to be the third in the trilogy of TV shows that take place behind the scenes of a TV show, but this will be a different kind of TV show. That’s all I can let out of the bag right now.”

This is great, great news, TV has missed Sorkin and since his SNL inspired Studio 60 was canceled Sorkin has worked on Charlie Wilson’s War before his current project with Fincher. While his work in film, particularly his adaptataion of his stage play A Few Good Men, often results in tight, witty scripts it is his work in television, and The West Wing is the supreme example of this, that really shows off his capability with characterisation and ensemble casting.

Sorkin also talks of the actors he has worked with again and again, so perhaps his next venture will reunite him with Bradley Whitford or Joshua Malina, or Alison Janney – whenever Sorkin is involved my interest peaks, and I can’t wait see what he does next.