In a most excellent move, Ain’t It Cool have posted an interview with one half of the Wyld Stallyns, Mr Bill S. Preston, Esquire himself, Alex Winter.

Winter (who has chosen to spend most of his career behind the camera, helming both films and music videos) has revealed in a Q&A following a screening of both adventures of the time-travelling/world saviour airheads, that himself, Keanu and writer Ed Solomon have “been kicking ideas around” for a possible third entry into the Bill & Ted series.

Out of all the older franchises which are currently being suggested for possible reboots or sequels, the further adventures of Bill & Ted sounds one of the most intriguing. The fact that Reeves and Winter are now middle-aged (both are 45!) has much comic potential in itself, and seeing these once goofy teenage wannabe rock stars dealing with that could be very humorous, and touching even.

Now would also be a good time to strike, given the whole eighties nostalgia vibe which seems to be particularly popular in Hollywood at the moment.

This is extremely early days for fans to start getting excited, but we’ll keep you informed if we hear any further developments.

Until then, be excellent to one another.