Well, we say “new”, but there is a lot of content here that we saw in the previous trailer (catch it here).

For the uninitiated, Due Date sees Robert Downey Jr. dashing across country to get to the birth of his child, with Zach Galifianakis (and Jamie Foxx in parts) along to help and hinder. It is directed by Todd Phillips of “The Hangover” fame, although the subject matter is closer to his earlier film, “Road Trip”.

This new trailer is shorter than the previous one and does not add much in the way of new footage, however given that many trailers these days amount to a summary of the entire film and therefore leave you little to discover afresh when you finally see the film, that may be no bad thing.

Downey Jr and Galifianakis look great together and hopefully this will prove to be one to relish, when it hits screens on November 5th. Catch the trailer below.

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