A Million Ways to Die in the WestFamily Guy guy Seth MacFarlane’s star rose in a dramatic fashion when Ted, his 2012 tale of arrested development and hi-jinx with a magic horny bear, made a mint at the box office. It also played its part in the resurgence of R-rated comedies, currying favour and fervour alike and doing much to make MacFarlane a filmmaker to watch.

So watch we did, and word crept out that he was making a Western and that Sarah Silverman, Neil Patrick Harris and Amanda Seyfried were joining the cast. Then a few images came to light, teasing an authentic affair and then plot details emerged regarding a gunslinger and his wife being sought by a farmer to help him reunite with his estranged wife. Rejoice.  But here’s what most people have been waiting for – a trailer, a red-band one.

Much of MacFarlane’s work resides firmly in the red band and this trailer is no different. Enjoy, ya varmints!

The film is out in the US on the 30th of May, and a week later here in the UK.