Tom Hanks’ A Hologram for the King UK Poster and Trailer


Here’s the UK trailer and new poster for Tom Hanks’ new movie A Hologram for the King. The film is directed by Tom Twyker who previously directed Run Lola Run and co-directed Cloud Atlas alongside the Wachowski’s which also starred Hanks.

It’s based on the Dave Eggers novel and has been adapted for the screen by Tyker. As well as Hanks, A Hologram for the King stars man of the moment Ben Whishaw alongside Sarita Choudhury, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Tom Skerritt.

A Hologram for the King UK Poster

Based on the best-selling novel by Dave Eggers, Clay is dispatched to pitch a new IT contract to a wealthy King, a project that must be a success for him to stave off bankruptcy, pay his daughter’s college fees, and finally accomplish something big.

It’s set for release in the UK 20th May.