When it was revealed that a new King Kong movie was in the works (tentatively titled Kong: Skull Island), most of us started fantasising about what it would be like to see the gigantic ape square off with the rebooted Godzilla introduced in Gareth Edwards’ 2014 movie.

Of course, the fact that Skull Island is at Legendary Pictures and Godzilla is at Warner Bros. seemingly made that unlikely, but Deadline reports that Thomas Tull has now moved the project back to the latter because the plan is indeed to have these two iconic beasts square off once both Skull Island and Edwards’ Godzilla sequel are released over the next few years.

It sounds like this is something which all the studios involved (Legendary’s new partner Universal may end up playing some sort of role) are keen to get going as they’ve even reached out to Toho in Japan. A new King Kong vs. Godzilla movie will be quite the event!

One question though; how are they going to make this work when they’re differently sized?! The explanation behind that should be very interesting, as Edwards’ Godzilla was gigantic.

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