Okay, cards on the table time. I thought Ghost Rider was an absolute shocker, bilge water of the highest order, just dire. I am frankly, therefore, not going to pretend to be enthused by the idea of a sequel. You can put me in the “remain to be convinced” pile for the time being.

What do we know so far? Cage is back, Idris Elba (The Wire, Thor, Luther, The Losers) is on board, David S. Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins) has penned the story and Neveldine & Taylor of Crank fame are going to direct. Given that an excess of subtlety was far from a problem for Ghost Rider, goodness only knows what a Neveldine & Taylor bolt of adrenaline will do to the sequel. The mind boggles.

Courtesy of The Film Stage (originally from Empire), we have three snaps for you, one each of Cage and Elba and a third featuring the old flaming skull on a motorbike thing. It’s impossible to tell from this what we will be in for in the end, but hopefully it will be a marked improvement on the first film. Frankly, how could it not be?