Last year Red Letter Media posted a series of videos on YouTube that made up an epic 70 minute review of The Phantom Menace, which you can see here. The review was pretty funny, although I did think that some of the humour misfired, and it highlighted many of the reasons why the first in the trilogy of Star Wars prequels failed in such a big way.

Now the same people who created that review have tackled the second in the trilogy, Attack of the Clones.

If you’re anything like me the excitement you had about The Phantom Menace before it was released quickly turned into crushing disappointment when you saw the film. Watching Attack of the Clones was an even worse experience, like having salt rubbed in the wound that was the experience of watching the first film. This new review takes an amusing look at Attack of the Clones and again points out all the spectacular mistakes that were made.

Check out the 90 minute review embedded below and let us know your thoughts on the film and this review.