As we approach the summer, the comic book convention season will see many of us lost for ideas as to what to wear.

Not everyone is going to be ready just yet, so it will take a little time for those not completely set on the right fancy dress costume to arrive at an idea. For those who are exclusive fans of Sci-Fi, Superhero movies, Anime, or classic geek movies, on the contrary, can be as easy as a walk in the park. Yup, those kind of people…

If you are struggling for ideas, why not try to break down your options from a number of different genres. Remember that you will be stuck in this costume for a good few hours, so try and find something which both looks the part, and won’t have you gasping for air and looking silly when there is absolutely no option to be  anything but super cool. Let’s look at a few pointers to help you choose the right costume:

Comfort is Everything

While the whole point of rocking up to a comic book convention in an awesomely ridiculous costume is to stand out, think hard about what you will be stuck in for the day. Being able to function and enjoy the convention should be at the top of your priorities. Will you be walking home after the convention, or heading there on foot? Unless you are completely comfortable looking fabulously geeky around normies, think about what you could do differently.

Is the Price Right?

So you have an idea as to what you want to go as. Whether this is as an Avenger or Pikachu, will your costume only be fit for one day? It might be time to figure out if you would be better off renting a costume, rather than purchasing one. On the otherhand, buying the outfit outright will obviously maximize the opportunity to dress as Spider-Man as much as you want to, forever.

Is Anyone Else in the Posse Banking on the Same Costume

Always check that your incredibly original idea has not been thought by someone else. Nobody wants to be “that guy”. While some may want to keep their own ideas under wraps, you may be surprised at just how willing some of your friends are to answer your questions, given the fact that they do not want to arrive on the day feeling as though they are looking in the mirror.

Marvel or DC?

Not even I am willing to go there

Embrace the Costume

Embody the costume and make it yours. There is no point choosing a costume on a whim, and then not connecting with the character you are representing. Nobody wants to see Hulk moping around, smashing nothing but their own self-esteem. It would be a sad sight to see Harley Quinn feeling nothing but depressed and lost in her attire. Think wisely, and make your choice the best you can!