Following up Weekend, an impeccably observed tale of the sudden rush of attraction, was always going to be difficult. No-one quite expected director Andrew Haigh to take us to the other end of the relationship spectrum, to further twist our heartstrings with a story of a married couple approaching the titular anniversary.

A discovery of an old love for one of the couple sparks off a story of self-reflection, doubt and a trawl over the very bones of a relationship grown and shaped over four and a half decades together. Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling each won a Silver Bear for their roles at the Berlin Film Festival and the torrent of five star reviews not only establish Haigh as one of the finest directors working today it flies in the face of a youth-obsessed industry.

We have an exclusive clip from 45 Years for you today – the film is out on the 28th of August here in the UK. It is an essential watch. Our review from Berlin is here.