This is really rather great in my humble opinion. The official Facebook account for The Amazing Spider-Man has released concept drawings and 3D rendered imagery and sketches of the Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) Web Shooter from the latest movie. They specifically say ‘Property of Peter Parker 3D Web Shooter Designs’ so I do wonder if they’ll feature in the movie in some design making montage.


The images show how the web shooter clamps to Parker’s wrist rather than it being built into his body as we may have seen in previous versions of the movie. In these designs, he has to insert web cartridges into the device to then be able to fire a web meaning that they can run out I presume.  I’m no comic book expert but some comments on Facebook suggest that people aren’t too happy with the way it’s been built rather than integrated into Peter’s DNA. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s the pics which you can click to enlarge.

3D Design Specifications Images

Source: Facebook

  • spidey

    the article says ppl on facebook are pissed because the webshooter is a machine instead of built into his dna like the old movies. i personally like them bringing back the web shooters like in the cartoon because its what i grew up knowing and also gives him a weakness because he can run out of webbing

  • harrison

    They should have made spider-man create the webshooters in the fifth spider-man because he was losing his web abilities like they should have done for the second movie.

  • Pro

    this are the best pictures of spidey’s web shooters, I want to make a replica out of this!! thanks great pics

  • greatestspideyfan

    it is awesome i made a replica . i will post it on youtube soon

  • david

    I wish real web fluid exist

  • david

    Awesome blueprint

  • Fahim

    he was losing them because he wasn’t being responsible.great power comes great responsibility.