A little over a year ago, it was announced that rights-holders Fran Rubel Kazui and Kaz Kazui aimed to return Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the big screen without creator Joss Whedon’s involvement.

The news sparked outrage in the Whedonverse, the loyal fanbase incredulous that anyone would want to wipe that particular slate clean. The acclaimed television show, born from the flaming crash-site that was the original movie, developed over seven seasons into a cultural phenomenon. Since then, however, news of development has been sparse, the project apparently in limbo.

While those involved in the series had hinted at an underlying interest in continuing “Buffy” on the big screen, lead Sarah Michelle Gellar has been outspoken regarding her concerns that the series might be incompatible with the movie format. The story, which largely functioned in season-long story arcs, was famous for it’s multi-dimensional characters and unflinching treatment of controversial topics and storylines.

With numerous spin-offs similarly touted, it has been the Buffy movie which has received the most speculation and enthusiasm. Gellar has never outright denied the possibility of returning as the titular vampire slayer, while a recent interview on FearNet with writer and executive producer Marti Noxon stirs hope as she describes her openness to the idea.

What is most encouraging, though I remain unfortunately unconvinced, are her suspicions that the reported reboot was just a ploy to provoke action from Joss. I remain hopeful, however, that should Buffy live on, it shall be in the way Whedon intended.

Hopefully, once Whedon has finished assembling The Avengers, he might finally get to work reuniting the show’s Scooby Gang.

You can see the full interview with Noxon here.

Reported by Steven Neish